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Plaster vs. Stucco

Plaster and stucco are both popular exterior finishes for homes and buildings. Plaster is a material made from a mixture of cement, sand, and water that is applied to walls in multiple layers, resulting in a smooth and flat finish. Stucco, on the other hand, is a mixture of cement, sand, and lime that is applied to walls in a single layer, resulting in a textured finish.


Both finishes offer benefits such as durability, fire resistance, and insulation. They also provide a protective layer that helps to prevent water damage and regulate temperature. In terms of appearance, plaster has a sleek and polished look while stucco has a more rustic and textured look.


When deciding between plaster and stucco, it's important to consider factors such as the climate, the building's design, and personal preference. Reach out today and we can help determine which option is best for your needs.

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